Alchemy Soul Reading

In this signature Alchemy Soul Reading, we'll explore specific areas of your chart that will help unlock your authentic power and connect you with your limitless potential.

Through intimate conversations, we'll collaborate to clarify your personal soul compass energy, to find inner purpose, and clear the shadows on your path. This type of reading is meant for you to feel supported and guided on your pathway to enlightenment. I work with the centaur Chiron and the North and South Nodes along with the outer planets - to bring you more in attunement with your soul-work and  help you discover how to heal yourself and learn to be your own medicine.

Shadow work calls for you to connect with your inner workings and to be aware of your unconscious psyche. We are all made of light and dark: when we are willing to face and transform our shadow, we have the potential to move past the limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding us back from living in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Spiritual Alchemy is connected with freeing your spiritual self from your fears, limiting beliefs systems, and lack of self-acceptance.  Alchemy is the art of transformation, inner liberation, and change.

  • Zoom call Session: 
  • 90-minute session where we will walk through your soul attunement journey and focus on what upcoming influences may guide you towards breakthroughs. 
  • Plentiful opportunities to ask questions about your chart so you may have a clearer understanding.

I would love to be your guide in this reconnection.