Juipter-Uranus Conjunction 2024

Apr 14, 2024

Every 14 years starts a new cycle of possibilities with Uranus our planet of revolution, being amplified by the expansive energy of Jupiter.  On April 20th, these planets join together to spark change in our personal lives and the collective.  This experience will be a once-in-a-lifetime activation because it is happening in the sign of Taurus. The last time they came together in Taurus was in 1941. This transit is an opportunity to awaken to your limitless potential and experience breakthroughs as well as quantum leaping in the Taurus part of your chart. 


This conjunction sparks a period of rapid growth and evolution, both personally and collectively.  It encourages us to embrace innovation, explore uncharted territories, and break free from limitations that have held us back.  We can expect exciting discoveries, technological advancements, and paradigm shifts that challenge old beliefs and usher in a new era of progress. Because this energy is happening in the sign of Taurus, things of money matters, the earth, food themes, safety and security, values, and resources will be highlighted. We can expect major surprises, potential upheaval, and sudden opportunities to arise.



On a personal level, this alignment invites us to step outside our comfort zones and embrace change with open arms. We are being called to welcome spontaneity, experiment with new ideas, and embrace our unique authenticity.  It's a time to trust our intuition, as insights and opportunities may come in unexpected ways. 


Like with any potent transit, it's essential to stay grounded amidst the electrifying energies at play. There can be feelings of restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, and a sense that things are all over the place.  Uranus rules over our nervous system and anything you can do to soothe and comfort your body is recommended - slow down, put your bare feet on the earth, spend time in nature, hug your animal for 30 seconds or longer, breathe consciously... 


We are being guided deeper into self and purpose, with a big push of innovation, faith, and freedom. This evolution is an awakening of higher divine intelligence that may play out in surprising ways.


Cosmic Blessings 🌕 🙏

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