Soul Amplifier Package


For those who want to go deeper, I've created a package of 3 readings to take us further in.

In this Quantum Soul Activation journey, together we will dive deep into your natal chart's soul energy.  I help you to understand what your soul's contract and purpose from a higher self perspective, activating your own process to move through your fears and limitations, make measurable leaps in your creative/healing process, and understanding cycles.  Enabling the blessing of your chart to be more deeply embraced.

There is no one size fits all model because each us is unique. I meet you where you are in support to your own journey, using my astrological knowledge to guide, support, and encourage you.

The package is 3 sessions, 60 minutes zoom calls, designed to take you deeply into YOU. A perfect follow up to a natal reading, these can be completed within 3 months. 

Together we explore: 

  • The ARC OF DEVELOPMENT that describes your life story and purpose.

  • Personal karma, lessons, challenges and gifts. 

  • The REASON for your incarnation and your personal destiny - where you are at, what is stopping you from moving forward.

  • The Esoteric nature of your chart: examining dynamics between soul and personality, or ‘lower’ and ‘higher’ selves.

  • Tracking and processing specifics transits to your natal chart, supporting optimal transformation.

  • Grounding a practical understanding of the subtleties of your internal nature so you are rooted in the here and now, with greater self love and alignment. 

This Is For You If:

  • Looking for clarity and purpose, or intention for healing/transmutation

  • you are ready to confront your blind spots and your fear, to deep dive with FOCUSED SUPPORT

  • you’re ready to transform and step into what you’re Divinely coded for

Cost: $475

I would love to be your guide