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Working With The Moon - Using The Moon As a Reflector

🌙 Ready to Harness the Power of the Moon? Enroll Now! 🌙

🌟 Join me on a celestial journey where the moon becomes your guide and reflector. Learn how to align with lunar cycles for personal growth, empowerment, and manifestation. 🌟

What you'll get:

  • This workshop is a pre-recorded.  

    • Learn how to track the Moon each month and get intentional about where you're putting your energy 
    • Discover the powers of your personal Moon Sign and how to work with it to better your life 
    • Deep dive into your monthly "Lunar Return" 
    • Be fully supported in both manifestation & healing
    • Get access to a New and Full Moon astrology calendar including all key moons until April 2025
    • PDFs to help integrate working with the Moon

    • Lifetime Access